Elbit Systems' US subsidiary has teamed with Honeywell to supply head-up display (HUD) systems - a move that has brought $50 million worth of business to Elbit in the air transport market.

Honeywell's first programme in the agreement will be to equip a major cargo carrier's fleet of widebody aircraft with the advanced HUD - displayed for the first time at the show.

Under the new contract, awarded by Honeywell International Air Transport Division, Elbit Systems will supply overhead electro-optical projection units to be integrated into the new HUD system for Honeywell's commercial air transport customers.

The electro-optical units are based on advanced HUD technologies developed by Elbit Systems' subsidiary Elop Electro-Optics Industries.

The HUD system, originally developed for military use, enables pilots to view essential information while looking directly outside the windshield. It displays flight symbols as well as Enhanced Vision System imagery.

The unit will be used mainly during take-off and landing to enhance aircraft safety. It utilises novel Liquid Crystal Display technology developed by Honeywell as the image source, providing higher quality and improved reliability compared to the cathode ray tube technology used in older HUD systems.

Joseph Ackerman, president and chief executive of Elbit Systems, is delighted to partner with Honeywell Air Transport Division.

He says: "I am confident that our unique experience with commercial avionics and electro-optic systems, together with Honeywell's leadership position in the avionics market, will benefit both companies."

Source: Flight Daily News