Elbit's new Airport and Aviation Security package has been unveiled for the first time at Farnborough.

Eli Yitzhaki, vice-president of Business Development and Marketing, says the system, which has been successfully demonstated, consists of perimeter security fences with electro-optic sensors to monitor sterile zones for intruders.

"We have also developed an access control system with a fast track lane that can check vehicles and drivers as they pass at 80km/h (50mph)," he says. "This system can even assess if a driver is agitated."

For the outer perimeter of the airport, a zone where shoulder-launched missiles (Manpads) can be deployed, Elbit proposes the use of its new Skylark 4 UAV to relay imagery back to the overall security control room to monitor this vulnerable area.

The Skylark mini-UAV has already been deployed by the Israeli defence force and can be carried and easily launched by personnel on foot. The UAV can simply be re-programmed to follow pre-determined profiles.

In the air, Elbit's wholly-owned Elop Electro-Optics Industries offers the Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasure (MUSIC) self-protection system for airliners as part of the security package.


Source: Flight Daily News