Elbit Systems' Skylark 1 LE unmanned air vehicle has been selected for use by the Israeli defence forces' infantry battalions.

The defence ministry has not revealed the number of systems required, but a ministry source says the first contract will be worth around $30 million, with options to increase the deal's value to $100 million.

With a 2.9m (9.5ft) wingspan, 3h endurance and a mission radius of 15km (8.1nm), the Skylark 1 LE is equipped with a Controp gyrostabilised day/night payload and a Spectralink datalink. Maximum take-off weight is 6.3kg (14lb) and service ceiling 9,840ft.

Skylark 1 LE 
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Deployment options include bungee-assisted hand launch or rail launch, and landing is performed using an automatic deep stall and airbag technique.

Elbit will also supply training services and logistics support for the new system, which was selected following a contest with Aeronautics Defense Systems' Orbiter, Israel Aerospace Industries' EyeView 50 and Rafael's Skylite.

Source: Flight International