Pilots wanting to try their hand at unfamiliar missions - or non-aviator visitors to the show who have that irresistible urge to see what it feels like to be behind the controls of an aircraft - get a chance to do so this week in a virtual cockpit.

Virtual cockpit

The Elbit Systems stand  is the site of a multi-platform and mission virtual cockpit that was created specially for the show and which Elbit says will give participants a 'close-to-reality' flight experience .

Seated in the virtual cockpit, visitors will be able to experience a variety of fixed and rotary-wing types - a fighter, attack helicopter, assault helicopter and trainer.


They will have the option of 'flying' several types of missions, with Elbit promising high-fidelity, 'out of the window' views and special effects that replicate the performance of the avionics systems.

Those in the cockpit, assisted by company representatives, will be able to choose from different scenarios and focus on systems solutions relevant to their specific missions.

Source: Flight Daily News