No pilot looks forward to having to deal with an asymmetric flap extension. Electronic proximity-sensing specialist ELDEC (Hall 3, Stand D9) wants to make life easier on the flight deck and is here to talk about its latest weapon in the battle against flap skew.

The company's new non-contacting linear (NCL) transducer for high-lift systems has an extended gap range of up to 2.5cm and can be mechanically moulded into different shapes, permitting installation into structures like flaps and wings.

With a direct position measurement of mechanical-system components and a full-stroke error of less than 0.1%, the new transducer has a wide range of potential applications, including measurement of flight control system components and structure. And hermetic sealing means it is impervious to contaminants such as ice, mud, grease and hydraulic fluid.

ELDEC parent group Crane Aerospace is claiming a first in the form of its flap-skew detection system for use on regional jets. Based on non-contact proximity-sensing, it constantly monitors the flap actuation system, giving a warning of impending asymmetry.

Source: Flight Daily News