Israel Aircraft Industry subsidiary Elta is to supply a multimode maritime surveillance radar to the South Korean National Maritime Police (KNMP).

Elta's EL/M-2022 surveillance radar will be the principal sensor for a Bombardier Challenger 604 business jet being modified for the KNMP by German modification specialist Aerodata. The EL/ M-2022 has also been selected by the Royal Australian Air Force for its Lockheed Martin AP-3C upgrade.

Other equipment fitted to the KNMP Challenger will be a forward looking infrared sensor, specialised communications and a system to drop survival equipment.

Delivery of the aircraft is scheduled for the second quarter of next year. The KNMP has a requirement for five surveillance aircraft for duties around the Korean Peninsula.

• Elbit has been awarded contracts worth $70 million for work on Lockheed Martin F-16Is ordered by the Israeli air force last year. Elbit will supply the mission computer, display processor, a new generation "Dash 5" helmet-mounted display sight, stores management and other avionics.

Source: Flight International