Embraer says it is struggling with its Phenom 300 light jet early production ramp-up, but the business unit's top executive says the company's 2010 delivery forecast remains unchanged.

Luis Carlos Affonso, executive jets executive vice-president, says Embraer has encountered "normal ramp-up challenges" during its early production run, with some design changes slower to take hold with suppliers. Affonso says Embraer has opted to streamline the assembly before giving a green light for a higher production rate at its Gaviao Peixoto final assembly line.

Phenom 300
 © Embraer

Affonso declines to identify the parts that were particularly troublesome, but adds that despite the challenges, "we are happy with the Phenom 300 ramp-up".

Affonso says Embraer has "seen some movements on the customer side" with deferrals and cancellations, but those have mostly been limited to the smaller Phenom 100. The company holds one open delivery position for 2011.

Embraer has delivered around 10 Phenom 300s to date, behind its pace for the year. Affonso says the company plans to deliver 120 Phenom 100s and 300s, achieving its 2010 forecast.

As of 10 September, Embraer had the 36th Phenom 300 and 216th Phenom 100 on its final assembly line at Gaviao Peixoto.

Embraer holds 550 firm orders from 44 countries for the Phenom 100 and 300.

Source: Flight International