Embraer estimates a potential export market of about 200 aircraft for the ALX trainer/light combat aircraft, the first production version of which was rolled out on 28 May.

The Brazilian manufacturer's senior manager for defence market strategy, Anastacio Katsanos, says there is unlikely to be a mass market for the ALX, since most air forces have fulfilled their training requirements. He believes, however, that up to 200 aircraft could be sold as advanced trainers able to perform operational roles.

Brazil has ordered 99 ALXs, also known as the Super Tucano. Forty-nine single seaters will be used for daytime policing of the Amazon by the Brazilian air force. Twenty twin seaters will provide night time cover. A further 30 of the twin version will be used for training.

Embraer also rolled out the EMB-145SA airborne early warning and surveillance aircraft, a variation of its ERJ-145 regional jet. Brazil has ordered five and Greece four. Katsanos says it has been shortlisted for three other bids.

Embraer is also exploring the export potential of the EMB-145RS remote sensing variant, for which it envisages a maritime patrol application. Roll-out of the -145RS is due in November.

Source: Flight International