Embraer has completed the first engine run on its Legacy 500 business jet at the company's headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil. This is the second major milestone in the development of the Honeywell HTF7500E-powered midsize business jet, following the aircraft's roll out a month earlier.

Embraer said a series of preparatory evaluations - such as APU tests and first refuelling - were held the day before the engine run on.

"Engine tests are essential to properly evaluate all dependent systems - bleed air, electrical, environmental, air conditioning, hydraulic, and FADEC logics - as well as the integration of the engine with [the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion] avionics," it added.

The Legacy 500 is designed for a range of 3,000nm (5,550km) with four passengers, or 5,190km with eight passengers. The aircraft - along with its midlight stablemate, the Legacy 450 - will be equipped with Embraer's fly-by-wire system - a closed-loop design that controls the rudder, spoilers, elevators, horizontal stabiliser, flaps and ailerons.

Source: Flight International