Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer is planning to focus commercial aircraft activity at its Sao Jose dos Campos site and is considering a possible relocation of its Legacy corporate jet line to its Gaviao Peixoto facility.

Embraer's Sao Jose factory has little potential for further growth, having spread to its site limits, but there is plenty of space at its newer Brazilian sister plant at Gaviao Peixoto.

During a recent media briefing at Sao Jose, an Embraer spokesman said: "The plan is eventually to move the Legacy there.

"The aim is to move our business jet and most of our military activity to Gaviao Peixoto and focus Sao Jose dos Campos on our commercial activity."

Legacy 600 
 © Embraer

The Legacy is based on the ERJ-135 commercial jet, which is no longer in active production. The ERJ-135's larger sister aircraft, the ERJ-145, is only produced in China through the manufacturer's Harbin Embraer joint venture.

Embraer's Gaviao Peixoto factory, which is similar in size to the Sao Jose dos Campos site, was inaugurated in 2001. It is used for final assembly of Phenom 100 and 300 executive jets, plus complete production of the Super Tucano military trainer.

The majority of Embraer's aircraft flight tests are performed from Gaviao Peixoto, owing to the site's private 4,570m (15,000ft) runway and its remote location. By contrast, the runway at Sao Jose is available to the public and is used for some commercial flights.

Source: Flight International