Embraer is sticking to plans to ramp up business jet deliveries gradually in 2013 to between 105 and 120, including first deliveries of the Legacy 500.

The delivery outlook released by the Brazilian manufacturer on 5 February predicts that 2013 will mark a minor turn-around for the business jet division.

After peaking in 2010 with 144 business jets delivered, the maker of the Phenom, Legacy and Lineage product lines reduced annual output to 99 total aircraft for the next two years.

Embraer has been waiting for the light jet market in North America to recover from the post-2008 financial crisis, but is not expecting significant improvement this year.

The outlook predicts light jet deliveries could improve to between 80 and 90 Phenoms, up from 77 last year. The forecast includes a ramp-up of deliveries for NetJets, which ordered 50 Phenom 300s in 2010.

The number of large jets is also expected to only grow incrementally, despite the expected entrance into service of the Legacy 500 later this year. Embraer forecasts large jet deliveries will increase from 22 in 2012 to between 25 and 30 in 2013.

Meanwhile, Embraer's executive aviation division expects to generate revenues of $1.4-$1.6 billion, or about one-quarter of all revenues.

Source: Flight International