WITH THE Embraer EMB-145 flight-test programme now well on the way towards certification, the Brazilian manufacturer has released more details on the improved performance of the aircraft, with cruise speed and fuel consumption better than originally advertised.

At an early stage of flight-testing, Embraer revealed that the aircraft was producing beter data than those published before the first flight, because of a higher-than-predicted wing lift co-efficient, more thrust from the Allison AE3007 engines and better optimisation of the take-off speed schedule (Flight International, 6-12 March, P12).

Embraer has revealed, that the EMB-145's cruise speed, will be increased by Mach 0.04 to Mach 0.78, but the company will not confirm rumours, that an increase to Mach 0.80 is a possibility. Fuel consumption is some 7% better that predicted, says Embraer, which will enable the EMB-145 to improve payload capability for a given mission.

US Federal Aviation Authority certification of the EMB-145 is scheduled for later this year. The current order book includes firm orders for 24 aircraft, 33 options and 127 letters of intent.

Source: Flight International