EMBRAER has launched development of a long-range version of the EMB-145 regional jet. The 50-seat aircraft will have a range of 3,000km (1,600nm), compared with 2,400km for the current EMB-145, and is to become available in April 1998.

The Brazilian manufacturer says that it has no customers yet for the long-range EMB-145.

Maximum take-off weight will be increased to 22,000kg, from 20,600kg, and fuel capacity will rise to 4,985kg, from 4,175kg. The EMB-145LR will be powered by uprated Allison AE3007A1 turbofan engines.

Embraer received European certification for the EMB-145 on 15 May, and delivered one aircraft each to France's Regional Airlines and Portugalia the next day (Flight International, 14-20 May).


Source: Flight International