Embraer has scrapped the proposed 195X version of its twin-jet family, after concerns from potential operators over its range.

The Brazilian manufacturer had been studying the project as part of its analysis of new aircraft options.

Chief executive Frederico Curado says the 195X would have been a straight stretch of the General Electric CF34-powered 195.

But he says Embraer has ruled out the proposed aircraft after feedback from potential customers indicated the range would degrade to an unacceptable level.

"What we found out is that the aircraft really becomes too much of an underperformer," says Curado.

"Basically you are trading payload to the detriment of range and performance. The airplane would probably be low acceptance because of the performance."

A re-engined 195, however, could potentially provide enough power to stretch the aircraft without compromising range.

Curado says "a couple of rows more makes sense", which could increase the capacity of the 195 - in maximum-density configuration - from 122 seats to 130 seats.

e 195 body
 © Embraer

Embraer is also looking at introducing other improvements to the aircraft which would result in a fuel-burn reduction of "a few more points", on top of the greater efficiency derived from a new engine.

Curado explains that Embraer has been working on several new technologies which could be incorporated into a refreshed E-Jet. It could also tweak the aircraft's design to improve its aerodynamics.

"We have other ideas that we may or may not package into a new version," Curado says.

Embraer could also decide to re-engine its 170/175 but not the 190/195, or vice versa, as the manufacturer will not be able to use the same engine variant for the entire family.

Curado expects Embraer will continue to manufacture E-Jets for at least another couple of decades and the manufacturer could opt to develop a new larger aircraft in addition to re-engining its current types.

But he says Embraer has excluded a large turboprop from its new aircraft options, concluding the market is too small to support three manufacturers.

Embraer continues to evaluate a clean-sheet design but Curado emphasizes that this aircraft would be in another category above the 195.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news