Embraer secured Chinese validation for the Legacy 500 on 24 July and is now preparing to deliver the first midsize business jet to Chinese launch customer and ambassador of its executive jets division, Jackie Chan.

The 10-seat twinjet entered service late last year and Embraer had shipped 14 of the type by the end of the second quarter, according to Flightglobal’s Ascend Fleets database.

While the USA is, and will continue to be the largest market for the Legacy 500, Embraer expects the aircraft to be popular in China, despite a preference for long-range and large cabin types in the country until now.

“Today, Chinese customers’ expectations for executive jets are evolving, from seeking large, luxurious, ultra-long-range jets, to finding midsize jets that can satisfy the business needs of most entrepreneurs,” says Guan Dongyuan, president of Embraer China. “Having identified this market trend, we are confident that more potential customers will turn to midsize jets like the Legacy 500 due to its exceptional innovation, efficiency and technology.”

Source: Flight International