Embraer will raise the price of its Phenom 100 very light jet by $100,000 in June, in a bid to convince potential buyers at major forthcoming general and business aviation trade shows.

A price of $2.75 million was set at the programme's launch at the US National Business Aviation Association's annual convention in November last year. The Brazilian manufacturer announced late last week that the sticker price will rise to $2.85 million (in January 2005 dollars) from 1 June.

However, before this date the full-size mock-up of the four-seat cabin will be taken to the US Experimental Aircraft Association Sun ‘n' Fun Fly-In taking place this week in Lakeland, Florida and then taken over to a series of air shows in Europe.

Embraer Phenom W445

The Phenom 100 mock-up, along with the larger Phenom 300 cabin mock-up (artist impressions of both pictured above) will tour Europe, starting at the European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (EBACE) taking place in Geneva, Switzerland next month. From there it will take in the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) Belin air show as well as private customer events in Cannes, France and Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  Embraer is hoping the impending 3.5% price increase will persuade potential customers to sign up at the shows.

“The market’s response to the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 has surpassed our expectations,” says Luís Carlos Affonso, Embraer senior vice president, executive aviation market. “We will continue to offer the Phenom 100 at its launch price through May of this year to extend the opportunity for more customers to experience its unequalled space and luxurious comfort," he says.

The Phenom 300 light jet remains at $6.65 million.

Embraer started detailed design and certification efforts for the Phenoms last month (Flight International, 28 March-3 April). Metal is to be cut for the prototype by June, with final assembly beginning early next year and the aircraft flying in the second quarter of 2007. Entry into service is scheduled for mid-2008.

Source: Flight International