Emirates has retired the last of its Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft, leaving its fleet entirely composed of A380s and Boeing 777s.

The Dubai-based airline says the last aircraft of its formerly 29-strong A330 fleet was built in 2002 and accumulated around 60,000h.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that Emirates' last A340 – an A340-300, registered A6-ERN – was manufactured in 1997 and initially operated as part of Singapore Airlines' fleet. The jet was temporarily acquired by Boeing as part of an aircraft trade-in deal with Singapore Airlines and became part of Emirates' fleet in 2004.

Emirates operated A340-300s, -500s and -600s.

Since January 2015, it has phased out 18 A330s and five A340s. A further 25 aircraft are to retired across 2017 and 2018 to keep fleet "modern and efficient", the airline indicates.

Today, Emirates has 85 A380s and a 160-strong 777 fleet comprising several versions of the long-haul twinjet. By year-end, some 20 A380s and 16 777s will have been delivered to the airline in 2016, it says.

It adds that its backlog consists of 234 aircraft, including 150 units of the in-development 777X. Those are to be delivered from 2020.

Source: Cirium Dashboard