Russian rocket engine maker Energomash has started development of the new, 196t (1,600kN) thrust liquid oxygen-kerosene RD-191M engine for Khrunichev to power the first stage of a proposed fleet of new generation Angara launchers.

The RD-191M will be based on the RD-170 and 171 engines which are used on the Energia and Zenit boosters.

The RD-191M will have a new turbo-driven pump actuated by a single gas generator. The four-combustion chamber liquid oxygen-kerosene engine has a vacuum thrust of 213t. Burn time is 300s.

The Angara fleet will initially comprise two single core stage vehicles with Breeze M and KVRB upper stages, providing low Earth orbit capability of 2.2t to 3.6t and a five-core stage booster with either the Breeze or KVRB upper stage providing a 6,800kg (15,000lb) to geostationary orbit lifting capacity.

The new Russian booster may join the International Launch Services fleet, presently comprising US Atlas II and III and Russian Proton DM and Breeze boosters. It will be complemented by the new Atlas V under development as a US Air Force Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.

Source: Flight International