Visualisation specialist Engenuity Technologies has launched the latest version of its industry-standard virtual prototyping software, VAPS XT, as it expands its presence in the visual simulation market by acquiring BGT BioGraphic Technologies (BGT), a developer of artificial-intelligence software for the gaming industry.

Patrice Commune, chief executive of the Montreal-based company, says the BGT acquisition is the first step in a strategy to build Engenuity “into a one-stop shop for end-to-end visualisation and simulation solutions”. The company wants to expand into new markets including urban simulation and homeland security.

BGT has developed AI.implant, software which allows virtual entities in visual simulations to mimic human reactions to situations. AI.implant will become part of Engenuity’s portfolio of commercial-off-the-shelf software products for building simulation-based training systems, avionics test benches and mission planning and rehearsal systems.

Engenuity, meanwhile, has rolled out the latest version of the virtual prototyping software that is the industry standard for cockpit display development. VAPS XT has been developed with the participation of Boeing and Rockwell Collins, which are using it to design the 787 flightdeck.

Source: Flight International