Sir - I have purposely waited to write this letter, so that I can ask the gentleman in charge of appointments at Airbus Industrie whether he has filled the advertised avionics-engineer position (Flight International, 23-29 August, P53).

The advertisement includes the statement: "Candidates must be fluent in French, German, English and Japanese." Oh, really? I suppose at the same time, they should be able to juggle an egg and a bowling ball, while playing The Star Spangled Banner.

It is depressing that it is no longer enough that an engineer learn the unforgiving trade of "fixing" aircraft, but he must now also be a United Nations linguist.

On behalf of all hard working engineers, who have worked overtime to change an engine in the rain (for example), I say to Airbus: decide what you want and if you want Peter Ustinov with a spanner, it should be made clear before people spend years in school, to learn what is apparently never enough.


Bursins, Switzerland

Source: Flight International