Bombardier has launched a programme to enhance the performance of its Global Express long-range business jet. Aircraft are emerging from completion centres with heavier interiors than originally allowed for, resulting in a reduction in range. The performance enhancement programme (PEP) will restore range to its original maximum of 12,000km (6,500nm) at Mach 0.8, says director, Global Express, Luc Fouquette.

The Global was designed with an interior completion allowance of just 2,720kg (6,000lb), which Bombardier now admits was too low. With 14 aircraft now in service, the lightest interior is 2,740kg and the heaviest 3,550kg. The typical weight is 3,130kg, and Bombardier has adopted this as its new interior completion allowance.

The result of the weight hike is a 165km reduction in the Global's maximum range. "This is still 100nm [185km] better than any other aircraft in its class," says Fouquette. Nonetheless, Bombardier has embarked on the PEP to restore range to its original goal, introducing a package of aerodynamic refinements which Fouquette says will increase range by 185km.Improvements include sealing or reducing the gaps around the thrust-reverser doors, at the junction of the horizontal and vertical stabilisers and at the ailerons; redesigning the engine exhaust mixer, wing/body fairing and air-conditioning outlets; and modifying the scavenging system to get more fuel out of the tanks. "They are all minor modifications," says Fouquette.

The PEP modifications are being introduced in stages, and new production aircraft are expected to incorporate all the changes by the first quarter of next year. Aircraft in service are being retrofitted with the improvements, which are free to customers, as they come in for maintenance.

Source: Flight Daily News