The Europrop International (EPI) consortium, which was selected last May to develop the TP400-D6 engine for the Airbus Military A400M military transport, last week opened its headquarters in San Fernando de Henares, near Madrid.

Spain's ITP, MTU of Germany, Rolls-Royce of the UK and France's Snecma are the founding members of EPI, which will develop and manufacture the TP400, the West's largest turboprop engine.

The establishment of EPI alongside Airbus Military and EADS Casa in Madrid consolidates Spain's position as EADS's centre of excellence for military transport aircraft. The final assembly line for the A400M will be in Seville.

Jean Paul Herteman, president of EPI and chief executive of Snecma, says the TP400 "will contribute to the development of the high-technology aeroengine industry in Europe, securing over 5,000 high-value, high-skilled jobs across Europe. We have founded EPI in order to act as a single engine-maker company."

TP400 programme chief engineer Alfredo Lopez says the engine will offer a maximum power of 10,600shp (7,900kW), 10% more than required. It will weigh 1,830kg (4,026lb). Its tactical mission fuel consumption is specified at 1,850 litres/h (490USgal/h); logistical mission consumption at 3,200 litres/h.

A first conceptual design will be finished later this month, with final design concluded within a year. The TP400's first ground tests are due in August 2005, and its first flight on a testbed aircraft in December 2006. The A400M will have its first flight in November 2007, with first deliveries to customers in August 2009.

Source: Flight International