Ben Passfield

Independent consultancy ERA Technology has devised an interesting way to pull the crowds at Farnborough this year visitors to the stand in Hall 3/B20 can try their luck on a roulette wheel.

For anyone lucky enough to see their number come up, there are two truly international prizes a bag of chocolate Euros or a pen made in Taiwan. Because it provides technology consultancy rather than tangible products, the good people at ERA decided they needed an innovative way to stand out from the crowd, especially in a show as visually exciting as Farnborough hence the roulette wheel, just about the last thing you would expect at an airshow.

Barry Clayton, an ERA business development manager, says: "This low-risk game illustrates how ERA can help aerospace customers reduce the risk of new product innovation. "ERA, a medium-sized British firm, has interests in more than 100 areas, spanning software and communications, engineering and material technologies.

Source: Flight Daily News