Essex PB & R offers a breath of fresh air with its PELS Self-Contained Emergency System which shields passengers from toxic fumes.

The American firm, which has never been to the Paris air show before, can be seen in Hall 3/D13g.

Says representative Edward Bielo: "The system provides protection from deadly smoke and toxic fumes.



"It supplies oxygen to the wearer through the use of compressed gas. Competitors tend to rely on chemical generators that are more vulnerable to catching fire themselves.

"We have never shown it at an international show before but hope it will attract plenty of attention."

Bielo says he wanted to come to Paris to see the commercial aircraft market "-which I believe will increase for us in the next 18 to 24 months as previous systems come to the end of their shelf life.

"Mobility, 20 minutes of protection, light weight, visibility and ease of use are just a few of the features of this system."

Essex PB &R has supplied 27,000 of these systems to the US Air Force for passenger protection.

Source: Flight Daily News