The Boeing 777 will now feature Esterline CMC Electronics' PilotView CMA-1410 electronic flight bag (EFB) as standard equipment to replace the aircraft's maintenance access terminal.

The EFB is traditionally used to provide pilots with electronic versions of documents and charts as well as real-time features like weather maps, but the device will be situated in the aircraft flight deck so that the crew and maintenance technicians can access information about aircraft systems.

"Given its ability to swiftly communicate with onboard aircraft systems, the CMA-1410 actually has more applications than just serving as an EFB," says Greg Yeldon, president of Esterline CMC Electronics.

The PilotView is certified as a class II and class III EFB and offered as standard options as a flight bag on aircraft including the next-generation Boeing 737s, the Boeing Business Jet and the Embraer E-170 and E-190 aircraft. The device is also certified for more than 30 retrofit applications on various aircraft types.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news