Estonian Air has agreed in principle to acquire three Bombardier aircraft and is to disclose further details next week.

The airline has long been a candidate to take the type and was initially listed as a recipient of Bombardier CRJ900s when shareholder SAS Group sealed a fleet-renewal pact with Bombardier in early 2008.

But although at least one CRJ900 was subsequently painted in Estonian Air colours, the airline is still operating only Boeing 737 and Saab 340 aircraft.

SAS Group has since backed away from its involvement with the airline, as part of its own corporate restructuring.

But a spokeswoman for Estonian Air indicates that there is movement on the fleet-renewal front.

She says that the carrier has "agreed on basic conditions" for an acquisition of three aircraft but stresses that the contract has not been firmed.

"We are going to sign soon," she says, adding that the carrier plans to release further details on 13 September.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news