Estonian Air has started offering portable in-flight entertainment (IFE) players to passengers on certain flights.

Under cooperation with Estonia-based video rental company Videoplanet, the carrier will rent a DVD player and film to passengers for 60 EEK (just under $5). Earphones can be purchased for 15 EEK or passengers can opt to use their own personal earphones.

Video service is available on Boeing flights lasting more than 1hr and 40 minutes, says Estonian. Flightglobal's ACAS database shows that Estonian operates three Boeing 737-500s and two 737-300s in addition to two Airbus A340s.

"Test flights, especially charter services, have provided us with a positive feedback regarding on-board video rental. We have especially noticed high demand for movies for children and together with Videoplanet hope to expand the selection even further," says Gunnar Mägi, development director of Estonian Air.

Estonian does not say what type of DVDs will be distributed, but it is showing a Panasonic system on its web site.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news