THE EUROPEAN aerospace industry has established a new organisation, which will replace the former European Association of Aerospace Manufacturers (AECMA).

The new aerospace umbrella-organisation is called the European Association of Aerospace Industries, and will take over all of AECMA's former tasks as well as undertaking strategic, political and economic responsibilities on a European level. The organisation will be based at AECMA's current Brussels headquarters, and will represent the industry in dealings with the European Union and NATO.

The organisation's general secretary is to be Dr Peter Fichtmuller, a former managing director of Panavia, and later head of military aircraft and helicopters at MBB up to its acquisition by Daimler-Benz.

Daimler- Benz Aerospace president and chief executive Manfred Bischoff is to become president of the organisation for a year from 29 September.

Source: Flight International