AMERICAN Eurocopter is claiming the largest share of new turbine-helicopter deliveries in the USA in 1994, with 49 aircraft worth $88 million, giving the company almost 45% of the market.

Eurocopter's US marketing arm says that 111 new turbine-helicopters were delivered in the USA last year, an increase of 10% over 1993.

American Eurocopter president Dave Smith cites "a tremendous upsurge in the corporate market", which grew by roughly 40% in 1994, to account for one-third of all sales - ahead of the traditionally dominant utility sector. Smith says that the utility market was hit by new restrictions on tourist flights and the availability of surplus US military helicopters.

The emergency-medical-service sector showed an increase, but the offshore-support market remained depressed, with oil companies now beginning to share helicopters with rival firms.

Smith highlights a trend towards "low-cost solutions", noting that American Eurocopter sold 33 new turbine singles and 28 used helicopters in 1994, and placed 50 machines on short-term leases.

Source: Flight International