Despite fears that the UK government wants to slash the Royal Air Force's orders for the Eurofighter Typhoon, the aircraft will be heavily featured at Farnborough.


Eurofighter is planning a major air display of development aircraft as well as the public debut of the first UK Production Aircraft, IPA1. This event, scheduled for Tuesday, will mark the official adoption of the Typhoon name for the RAF. The naming ceremony will include participation by political leaders and air force staff from the four Eurofighter partner nations UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. The aircraft is the world's most advanced swing-role combat aircraft, developed by Alenia Aerospazio, BAE Systems and EADS.

The Eurofighter partner nations will take delivery of 620 aircraft: 180 for Germany, 121 for Italy, 87 for Spain and 232 for the United Kingdom. However, recent press reports suggest that UK Chancellor Gordon Brown is urging a cut in the number for the RAF. Brown is said to be of the opinion that Britain's changed defence priorities mean that the money saved could be better used elsewhere.

The first three production Eurofighter aircraft recently joined the flight test programme following maiden flights in April 2002. Initial deliveries to the four partner nations are expected towards the end of 2002

Source: Flight Daily News