Hughes Missile Systems (HMSC) and Danish Aerotech (DA) have signed a teaming agreement to establish a European missile test centre.

This link follows a two-year commitment initiated at the 1995 Paris show by the two companies to pursue an 'in-Europe' missile support capability.



The commitment is expected to become reality in September during an initial operational capability ceremony at the test centre site in Karup Air Base, Denmark.

Taking part in the signing yesterday at the Hughes stand in Hall 3 were Charles Anderson, director of HMSC Air-to-Air Missiles Product Line, and Kurt Ottesen, managing director of Danish Aerotech.

The new centre will be the only European test centre allowed to have exclusive commercial use of the Hughes Advanced Missile Test System to provide product support to all European Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) user countries.

AMRAAM has been ordered by Denmark for its F-16 aircraft and has been selected by 10 other European countries.

The team is also exploring the potential for maintenance and repair of other missile systems, including Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided (TOW), Maverick, Sidewinder, Stinger and Sparrow.



Paul Stefens from Hughes says: "By establishing a product support centre within the existing base at Karup, HMSC and DA will be in a position to offer improved repair services with shorter turnaround times and at extremely competitive prices."

Source: Flight Daily News