The European Commission is planning to conduct a strategic analysis of the European unmanned air vehicle marketplace and member states’ industrial capabilities during the second half of 2008.

Intended to support development of a common European Union strategy on UAV development, the study is to assess the current status of the sector among member states and its global competitiveness.

Study segments will also map the international UAV market and examine existing supply chain linkages on current and emerging programmes.

The study is expected to result in recommendations on common European UAV strategy, priorities for enabling technology development, and approaches to overcoming regulatory hurdles to UAV operations in non-segregated airspace.

A competitive tender to conduct the study is planned to be released by mid-e2008.

Meanwhile the European Defence Agency expects to select a preferred contractor by early November for its UAV air traffic insertion study. That effort is intended to propose a near-term strategy for EDA member states to develop harmonised approaches to UAV air traffic integration in cooperation with Eurocontrol, the European Commission and industry.

The EDA study is part of a package of measures endorsed by the EDA steering board in May this year intended to focus the agencies efforts on delivering UAV capabilities to member states through a common strategy. Further measures are expected to be discussed at next months meeting of EDA ministers.

Source: Flight International