By Darren Shannon in Washingtion DC

An evasive manoeuvre by a SkyWest Airlines Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia pilot appears to have averted a crash at Los Angeles airport.

According to an initial US Federal Aviation Administration report, the incident, which occurred on 26 July, was caused by a pilot of a Mesa Airlines Bombardier CRJ, who failed to stop at a hold point after he had landed at the airport's runway 25L.

This mistake led the regional jet, which was operating for America West Express, to roll on to runway 25R from taxiway G as the SkyWest aircraft was proceeding with its take-off.

Air traffic controllers notified the SkyWest pilot of the impending accident, and the turboprop crew took-off with less than 45m (150ft) between the aircraft, says the FAA.

Local reports suggest the distance was closer to 15m. The FAA says Los Angeles airport's control tower-based Airport Movement Area Safety System was operating in limited mode after a false alert.

Source: Flight International