Two years after licensing the SmartDeck synthetic vision-based integrated flightdeck from L-3, CMC Electronics has won its first forward-fit application for the Part 23 avionics suite.

Czech airframer Evektor has selected CMC's SmartDeck for the EV-55, a nine-passenger, PT6-powered high-wing retractable twin, an aircraft intended in part to replace ageing piston-powered twins including the Cessna 402 and Piper Navajo.

Launched in 2004 with aid from the Czech government, the first EV-55 prototype (sn001) completed its first flight on 24 June 2011 from Evektor's home base in Kunovice. A second airframe is being used for static strength testing, while a first production conforming aircraft (sn003) is being built for a 2013 first flight.

Also in 2013, Evektor plans to begin European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification testing for the $2.1 million aircraft, with planned entry into service slated for 2015.

Originally selected for Cirrus' single-engine Vision jet in 2007, SmartDeck went dormant in 2009 when Cirrus opted instead to use a Garmin flightdeck for the jet. After licensing SmartDeck in 2010, CMC engineers customised the flightdeck to target applications and began investigating advanced features such as touch-screen controls, voice recognition and advanced cursor controls.

For the EV-55, the flightdeck will have three 30.7cm (12.1in) displays (two primary flight displays and a centre multi-function display) with synthetic vision provided as standard equipment.

The first SmartDeck flightdeck will be installed in sn003 for its first flight, probably towards the end of 2013.

Source: Flight International