Charles Champion, formerly head of the troubled Airbus A380 programme, has been moved to a new job as executive vice-president of customer services.


Champion had overseen the A380 programme since 2001, but was one of the raft of senior executives who were moved in September 2006 when it became clear the A380 was delayed. Since then he has acted as a consultant on several Airbus projects, including the A380 recovery programme.


Airbus has also announced that its executive vice-president of engineering, Alain Garcia, is to retire at the end of June. Garcia has been involved in Airbus programmes since the formation of the original consortium in 1969. “He has been an important part of the company, contributing to Airbus’ position in terms of technology in the market”, says Airbus.


He will be replaced by Patrick Gavin, who had held the customer services job since 2000. Gavin’s appointment is described by Airbus' president and CEO Louis Gallois as a “logical choice…to guide the Airbus Engineering Services into the 21st century”.   

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