Four top executives from the 20-strong team of senior officers at US Airways are leaving the beleaguered carrier for pastures new. In an odd coincidence, all of their family names begin with the Scottish prefix "Mc".

The vice-presidents on their way are: Daniel McDonald (planning and scheduling); Jeffery McDougle (fleet planning); Jennifer McGarey (deputy general counsel and secretary); and Douglas McKeen (labour relations). They are respectively joining: parcels express firm DHL; the Laidlaw ground transport company; telecommunications giant MCI; and a labour consulting firm.

"This is a significant number of people leaving," comments Michael Bell, from the Miami office of executive search firm Spencer Stuart. "What is also significant is that the people leaving are some of those brought in by chief executive David Siegel when he was establishing his management team, and not simply a changing of the old guard as past departures have tended to be."

In response to the exodus, the airline has promoted from within. David Davis, formerly vice-president financial planning and analysis, becomes senior vice-president finance. Andrew Nocella, vice-president pricing and revenue management, will now serve as vice-president network and revenue management. Executive vice-president corporate affairs and general counsel Elizabeth Lanier will assume the responsibilities of corporate secretary.


Source: Airline Business