New Abu Dhabi national airline Etihad, launched two years ago, is operating ongoing recruitment programmes to keep up with its addition of routes and acquisition of new aircraft.

Almost one route and one aircraft a month are being added as the carrier heads towards its target of 70 destinations by 2010.

“Clearly, we are looking at recruiting the brightest and best people around the world to support this effort,” says senior recruitment officer Sharon Tatham. “We plan to recruit around 2,000 people over the next 12 months – double what we have done in 2005.”

Opportunities exist in all areas, from the obvious such as pilots, cabin crew and technicians, to more esoteric roles.

“Whichever area you come from, there will be opportunities within Etihad,” says Tatham, “whether your background is in IT, customer service, airport staff, cabin crew, flight operations, human resources, public relations, or elsewhere.”

Tatham says Etihad’s youth as a company will help differentiate it from rivals in a competitive employment market. “People can see the growth we are achieving and know they may get opportunities here that they might not get at other airlines.”

Etihad is casting the net far and wide – it already employs people of 72 nationalities. “We will look at candidates from all over the world providing they have the right skills and experience. To recruit and train UAE nationals is a priority.”

Source: Flight International