Initially developed to enable passengers to enjoy in-flight internet connectivity, the Swift64 high speed data service from Inmarsat (Stand E400) is being implemented in an increasing number of ways.

"We initially developed Swift64 so avionics travellers could stay in touch with colleagues and clients through internet and e-mail in-flight but we have been amazed by the amount of uses the technology has been adapted for," says Simon Tudge, marketing manager, Aeronautical avionics.

The high speed network is currently being used in avionics videoconferencing and can even be used to enable cabincrew to send real-time information such as graphical weather reports to colleagues on the ground.

"People need to be able to use their time as effectively as possible and while avionics people benefit by being able to communicate with colleagues real time via videoconferencing, ground staff can also learn a lot by receiving in-flight information rapidly," says Tudge.

"In the future this technology will enable ground staff to have real time images of what is occurring within an aircraft which could prove vital in the event of an emergency."


Other uses for Swift64 technology include maritime reconnaissance and it has even been installed by the Taiwanese fire department which uses the infra-red sensor to detect fires and ensure people can get to the scene as quickly as possible.

"By putting smart technology in the hands of smart people we have seen the uses for Swift64 grow," says Tudge. "We are showing this technology at Dubai as it is a very important market for us.

"Times have been tough for the aviation industry but the Middle East has remained vibrant and we can see a lot of opportunities over here for Swift64 especially in the avionics and government traveller market."

Source: Flight Daily News