You'll find two British-based companies under one roof in Hall 3/B18.

Advanced Aero Industries (AAI) has a manufacturing base in the East Midlands where it produces aero-structures including sheet metal and machined parts for the aircraft industry. The company's expertise also extends to the overhaul, repair and modification aircraft components.

Managing director Michael O'Grady says the last 12 months have seen real progress for the business. "We've invested heavily in technology during that time and we believe it has paid off because we are now able to respond to customers' needs in a matter of minutes. It has given us an extra edge."

AAI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its stand partner, Baxter Woodhouse and Taylor which was founded more than 150 years ago.

It supplies the parent company with a variety of metallic products in addition to its own business.






Source: Flight Daily News