The F-22 Raptor is to participate in a flying display at Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) OshKosh, AirVenture at Wittman Regional Airport in Wisconsin, along with a Harrier and other military jets.

Lauded as the "home of aviation innovation" the show begins today, 23 July - 29 July and Air Venture's organisers say that there will be new announcements for technology, homebuilder techniques, improvements and the chance to see a range of aircraft in flying displays including the best aviation demonstrations, with military participations from the Harrier and the F-22 Raptor.

The U2 spyplane is said to be back for the first time in ten years and is "an interesting aircraft to see". In addition the U.S. Air Force brings its "Heritage to Horizons" exhibit to mark its 60th anniversary.

More than 30 displays will fill a 10,000 sq  ft pavilion on the grounds, recognising the notable people and aircraft that have been part of the USAF’s first 60 years.

A general aviation podcast, Uncontrolled Airspace, will be recording the first of two special episodes live from the flightline of AirVenture Oshkosh 2007. The episodes to be recorded at the fly-in will feature visits by a wide range of aviation experts and personalities to Uncontrolled Airspace's virtual hangar

The podcast will record a second episode on AirVenture's closing day, Sunday, July 29, at 9:30 am. Both episodes will be aired live on EAA Radio in the Oshkosh area at 12.10, streamed live on the internet for listeners anywhere in the world and available for download from the Uncontrolled Airspace website &  podcast directories like iTunes.

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