The US Federal Aviation Administration has informed American subsidiary American Eagle that it seeks to fine the carrier $155,000.

FAA alleges the carrier operated eight flights with incorrect weight and balance data, used improper maintenance procedures in jet engine repair, and then operated the aircraft while it was not in compliance with FAA regulations.

Between 28-29 December 2010, FAA inspectors observed 12 American Eagle flights arriving at Dallas/Fort Worth International airport, and in eight instances loading documents for checked luggage did not match observations made by an inspector.

The Eagle FAA-approved weight and balance programme is automated. But FAA stressed accurate data must be entered into the Electronic Weight and Balance System (EWBS) in order for it to function properly.

FAA said Eagle entered inaccurate data into the system, and then operated the aircraft with the incorrect weight and balance information. The agency's proposed penalty for the violation is $80,000.

The second violation alleged by FAA is that Eagle used improper procedures to repair an engine on one of its Embraer ERJ-135s.

FAA stated a mechanic signed off as "complete" on work he did not perform.

"As a result, American Eagle operated the aircraft on 34 flights between Sept.11 and Sept. 17, 2010, when it was not in compliance with regulations," said FAA, adding the proposed fine is $75,000.

FAA levied numerous fines against American Eagle in 2010, totalling roughly more than $6 million.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news