Gulfstream expects to start deliveries of an extended range version of the G650 slightly early by year-end.

The US Federal Aviation Administration certificated the design four months after Gulfstream unveiled the G650ER at the EBACE convention in Geneva, Switzerland.

Gulfstream launched the concept in May with a promise to deliver the first retrofit models in early 2015 and the first new-build aircraft in 2017, but now will accelerate the delivery schedule by a few months.

G650ER Cutaway

“We’re excited to get this aircraft into the hands of customers, so they can see just how powerful it is,” says Gulfstream president Larry Flynn.

Gulfstream added 1,810kg (4,000lb) of fuel weight to enable the G650ER to fly up to 7,500nm (13,900km), a 500nm increase over the baseline model. The additional range adds new city pairs, such as Dallas to Dubai, at a long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85. Both models have a top speed of Mach 0.925.

The additional range positions the G650ER between two emerging competitors – the 7,300nm-range Bombardier Global 7000 due for delivery in 2016 and the 7,900nm Global 8000 expected in 2017. Dassault also plans to introduce the 19-passenger Falcon 8X with 6,450nm range in 2016.

“The G650ER goes farther at faster speeds than any other business jet on the market,” Flynn says.

G650ERGulfstream’s designers improved the G650’s range without needing to strengthen the structure or landing gear. The Rolls-Royce BR725 engines on each G650ER are also structurally untouched by the modification.

The G650ER differs from the baseline model only by software changes to the fuel metering system and flight management system, the company says.