PATS Aircraft Systems has won a US Federal Aviation Administration supplemental type certificate to install up to six auxiliary fuel tanks on Boeing 757-200s that could allow a range of 5,000nm (9,260km).

Mounted in the forward and aft lower cargo compartments, the PATS Aircraft Systems Auxiliary Fuel Systems (AFS) standalone modular tanks feed fuel to the aircraft's integral fuel tanks and operate independently, "allowing the system to be active or inactive, based upon mission requirements", says Georgetown, Delaware-based PATS.

The AFS is designed as a kit for delivery to 757 operators and is intended to be installed concurrently as other aircraft maintenance takes place.

Without the additional tanks, the 757-200 has a range of 3,900nm, or 4,100nm with fuel-saving blended winglets.

PATS is also in the "final stages" of certificating eight and four-tank configurations, allowing customers to configure the aircraft for one to eight additional tanks.

Source: Flight International