ALLIEDSIGNAL'S RE220 auxiliary power unit (APU) has become what is claimed to be the smallest gas turbine to be granted full certification by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA has issued a technical standard order (TSO) C77a certification for the 220kW (295hp) APU, and related electronic-control-unit software for the Gulfstream V corporate jet. The unit has also been developed for the rival Bombardier Global Express.

The RE220's development team includes Kawasaki Heavy Industries (20%), BMW Rolls-Royce (18.6%), Alfa Romeo Avio (5%) and Singapore Technologies Precision (1.4%).

While AlliedSignal retains overall control of the project, Kawasaki has developed the gearbox, while BMW R-R is responsible for development and production of the compressor. The other partners are contributing engineering and knowhow.

Since the start of the programme, BMW R-R says that the RE220 has accumulated 2,600h running time with over 5,500 starts, including about 500h of cold-weather testing, with 30 starts below -40°C.

A 9,000h endurance testing phase is to begin in mid-year.

Source: Flight International