FAA is alleging Gulfstream International Airlines has improperly scheduled flight crew duty time and installed unapproved components on its fleet of Beech 1900D turboprops, resulting in a $1.3 million fine.

The components included air conditioner compressors and improperly maintained vent blowers installed on Florida-based Gulfstream's fleet of 27 turboprop aircraft.

FAA determined after a review of the airline's electronic record-keeping system for tracking crew duty and rest time that the carrier failed to accurately input the proper data from manually generated hard-copy aircraft logbook records into the electronic system.

"The discrepancies resulted in scheduling crew members in excess of daily and weekly flight time limitations," says FAA. After completing inspections in June of last year, FAA determined Gulfstream installed the unproved air conditioner compressors on its 1900Ds from September 2006 to May 2008.

Following that inspection Gulfstream grounded the aircraft and replaced the units.

Completion of an inspection by FAA in July 2008 of the carrier's avionics and component shop in Fort Lauderdale revealed improper installation of vent blowers on six aircraft from January to June 2008. Those components were also replaced.

Gulfstream operates on routes to Florida and the Bahamas, and performs Essential Air Service flying from Cleveland, Ohio.

The carrier has a long-term deal with Continental Airlines as a Continental Connection carrier, and also codeshares with United Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Copa.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news