The US FAA says no passengers were injured after an American Airlines Boeing 757-200 overran the usable runway at the Jackson Hole airport in Wyoming around noon local time on December 29th.

According to officials, American flight 2253 from Chicago with 181 passengers and crew on board, exited the usable portion of runway 19 and stopped in an overrun area.

Officials working at the airport say it has been snowing on and off all day at Jackson Hole, but aircraft had been regularly departing and arriving.

No passengers were injured, says the FAA, and both the aircraft and the airport approach lighting system in the area where the aircraft came to rest appear to be undamaged. The FAA says passengers and crew were deplaned on the runway and taken by buses to the terminal.

Witnesses at the scene tell ATI and Flightglobal that the aircraft came to rest approximately 46m (150ft) into the overrun area, a paved surface covered in approximately 2ft of snow. As of 14:00 local time, crews were using bulldozers to free the aircraft from the snow.

Along with American, both Delta and United also use 757s to serve the airport during the winter and summer tourist seasons.

American Airlines says the aircraft has been pulled out and released back to the airline for its investigation, which will run in tandem with NTSB and FAA investigations.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news