US safety regulators have reinforced a warning against use of a specific Samsung-built mobile phone after continuing concerns about the device.

The US FAA had previously cautioned passengers not to operate the Galaxy Note7 phone after a series of incidents in which the device ignited.

Similar advice had been issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency, which also underlined guidelines and regulations on transporting damaged or defective lithium batteries.

Despite a recall and exchange programme initiated by Samsung, the problems with the Note7 have persisted.

The FAA says that, in response, it is urging passengers not to use, charge or stow in checked baggage, any Note7 on board an aircraft.

Samsung says it is working with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate the matter, but it asking all retail partners worldwide to “stop sales and exchanges” of the phone.

Customers who have acquired Note7 devices – either original or replacement – should power the devices down and “take advantage of the remedies available”, notably refund options, it adds.

Source: Cirium Dashboard