Cessna could pay as much as $4.3 million to replace the elevator controls on as many as 253 US-registered Citation X business jets under a new US Federal Aviation Administration airworthiness directive.

The proposed rule calling on operators to inspect the horizontal stabiliser hinges for corrosion as well as cracks and to replace the elevators is an amendment to a 2006 interim AD that required operators to perform inspections and repairs to prevent the possible structural failure of the elevators and loss of the aircraft.

At issue were cracks found on the elevator inboard hinge brackets and associated horizontal stabiliser hinges of an aircraft. The Citation X is the fastest civil aircraft to date, cruising at M0.92.

According to the FAA, Cessna has stated it will supply the required parts to operators at no cost.

Cessna Citation X with eliptical winglets
 © Cessna

Source: Flight International