BAE Systems Controls and Hispano-Suiza have been awarded the contract to develop the full authority digital engine control (FADEC) for the Engine Alliance GP7200 powering the Airbus A380 through the companies' FADEC International joint venture.

FADEC plans to produce an initial unit by August this year, and expects to complete software and hardware integration in time for engine tests in 2004.

Advanced features will include electronic engine overspeed protection, variable engine geometry control and a data transmission system that is based around Airbus's avionics full-duplex (AFDX) Ethernet bus to allow data access from multiple computer systems.

Airbus has also selected Thales Avionics' standby navigation system (SNS) for the A380, which will provide integrated displays of pitch and roll attitude, airspeed, barometric altitude, and heading and approach deviations, similar to the primary flight displays.

The SNS comprises two integrated electronic standby instruments, independent of the aircraft's primary displays.

Source: Flight International