The 200th Falcon 7X has rolled off the production line at Dassault's Bordeaux-Merignac production facility in southern France where it is being readied for completion. "The 7X is clearly the best seller in the current Falcon family and remains one of the most sought-after jets in its [long-range] category," says Dassault Falcon president John Rosanvallon. To date, Dassault has delivered more than 150 7Xs, while another 80 are in various stages of production or outfitting. The 7X fleet has logged more than 130,000 flight hours since it entered service in 2007 and is in operation in 32 countries, says the French airframer,

 200th Falcon 7x


The 200th Falcon 7X

Meanwhile, Dassault says it has set up a programme to provide special support for Falcon operators flying to London for the 2012 Olympic Games.

"The company has doubled its Luton airport-based GoTeam capacity and taken steps to ensure that ample spares inventories are available in the area," it says. "Now that all Falcons are approved for London City airport [steep approach] operations, we expect even more aircraft to fly to London and are deploying extra personnel and resources [during the event]."

Source: Flight International